Paris on the Patio!

Although there are some people who love living on the edge, I’m definitely not one of them!  However, my husband Steve — he’s my second husband and we’ve been married for 9 years — has his own philosophy for living each day: “let’s-wait-’til-the-last-minute, never-plan-if-we-don’t-have-to, wait to see-what-will-happen-if…”  He loves nothing more than catching me off guard with his sometimes wacky, often breathtaking/wondrous but at times aggravatingly annoying pranks/ideas and unpredictable antics.  Yesterday he hit the jackpot on the wondrous spectrum.  I was having an off day and feeling kind of tired and blue so I took a nap in the late afternoon.  When I woke up, he kept saying things like, “Oh, to be in Paris,” “We’ll be in Paris soon,” “There’s no place like Paris.”  Since he knows that usually any mention of Paris perks me up considerably — we’ve been there only once but I spent my life dreaming about going and have been in love with the French language since I was in elementary school — I really didn’t pay much attention.  Then I walked into our living room, glanced outside — and voila!  Steve’s recent thrift shop purchase — a sweetly retro table and chair set — had become the centerpiece of a charming Parisian scene, right on our patio!  He’d scattered some of my French books around and set a bouquet at a jaunty angle and two wine glasses on the small round  table, awaiting a romantic encounter or celebration.  The piece de resistance — the gorgeous wedding portrait of my son Jon and his wife Kristin (a Steve Reese original) was lovingly displayed on an easel.  Sometimes living on the edge can bring real magic into your life…..

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